The Axie Cup was a huge success and we want to give another big thank you to Wirex for making it possible! With 61 players and 88 viewers attending it was one of the largest and most competitive events to date.

Wirex put up 500 Dai for our competitors and viewers setting the stage for a magical day of Axie Infinity action! The final 4 contestants were made up of 2 long time pros along side 2 newer up and coming players who took to the spotlight and flourished! This event had the most active chat as well as some of the highest level games anyone has seen in the short but exciting time we have had since Axie Infinity released the live battle app.

The finals between Zee and Indes | was absolutely marvelous. Zee came out swinging and won the first match by 1 HP! Indes then responded with 2 strong wins as the players pushed each other to their limits. In game 4 Zee won an extremely close match to keep his chances alive and went into game 4 full of momentum and confidence. In the final game of the set Zee decided to put all chips on the table and go all in first round, catching Indes off guard and giving him a clear road to the game 5 victory!

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