We are proud to announce the FIRST ever NFT team event brought to you by Decentraland, Crypto Voxxels, GamersHub, Lev0x eSports and Axie.gg  working together to bring you something the world has never seen before on July 11th!

This event will be a mix of top level competition built to inform the viewers about Axie Infinity while showing them high level team matches. There will be 3 weeks of practice matches  leading up to the final event which will be packed  full of action and fun!

The goal of this event is to spread the word about NFT gaming and to put on a show for multiple communities giving them the chance to come together and learn from one another. This event will be streamed on multiple metaverses simultaneously andwe want to give everyone the feeling they are at  the first NFT Super Bowl! Shows, giveaways and interviews in between matches to give some entertainment to any and all kinds of viewers!

The main event will feature live performances and use a  rapid fire format for quick matches and high drama!

-The teams taking part in this event are; Axie.GG, Lev0x eSports, DCLCore and Pixxel Busters!
-Each team may have 4 players  on the  roster for a matchup. (3 plus 1 substitute)

-Before each set the Team  Captain will pick what order his team will play.

-Once both team captains send the lineups the players will be paired  and the action will begin!

-Each match up is  a Best of 5 sets

-Each set is a Bo3 games


Pixxel Busters Vs. DCLCore

Pixxel Busters 
-OG Nasti Nate
-Bruiser King


Matty vs. Bruiser King 1-0
Indigo vs. Nasti Nate 1-1
blackstar vs Chachi 2-1

DCLCore won set 2 (2-1)

Set 3
Matty vs Chachi 0-1
Black star vs Bruiser 0-2
Indigo vs. Nasty Nate
Pixxel Busters won set 3 (0-2)
Set 4
Indigo Vs. Nasty Nate 0-1
Matty Vs. Chachi 0-2
Blackstar Vs. Bruiser

Pixxel Busters won set 4  (0-2)

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