is now offering 1-on-1 coaching, in addition to our free weekly open practices. Are you new to the game and looking for a way to shorten your learning curve? Veteran player not sure why you can’t break top 50? Our team is populated by some of the best PvP players in the game working together to master the Arena. We will teach you how to think in-game, read your opponent, and make quick decisions using the same techniques as top players. We also teach tournament prep, scouting, and team-building once you’re ready to move to the next level.

– We are now offering 1 on 1 coaching sessions with our top players! Within these sessions we will elevate your game through; replay analysis, optimising your team combinations & live guided arena sessions!
– There are currently two available sessions, beginner and advanced, the contents of which is explained below!

• Price – 0.045 ETH
• Session Length – 30 mins

Replay analysis – You will provide a replay, preferably one in which you lost and are unsure as to what led to it, and we will go through the replay pointing out & explaining mistakes you made with reference to your; energy management, roles of each of your axies against the opponents team combination and when to decide to aggress or sit back.
Team optimisation – Using the axies from your account, we will provide suggestions to change/optimise your team composition whilst maintaining the style of play which you feel strongest with.
Guided Arena Match – We will advise you on what your thought processes should be throughout the match, the roles each of your axies should take against your opponent’s team and which cards/combos will be key to winning the match.
Key Takeaways – We will provide you with 3 areas to of development for you to focus on trying to implement into your game. Depending on your level these may be more general/highly specific to your team composition.

• Price – 0.095 ETH
• Session Length – 60 mins

Replay analysis – You will provide a replay, preferably one in which you lost and are unsure as to what led to it, and we will go through the replay pointing out & explaining mistakes you made with reference to your; energy management, card draw manipulation, role of each axie in the match & how to maximise each of their value and when to aggress/sit back.
We will also go over some more advanced strategy and touch on the following concepts; how to identify your opponents playstyle/tendencies and how to capitalise on it and how you should adapt your playstyle/team to your opponents playstyle/team compositon.
Team optimisation – Using the axies from your account/suggesting higher tier axies you should purchase/breed towards we will optimise your team composition whilst taking into account the following key areas of high level team building; ability to gain/steal energy, outplay potential, adaptability to the current meta & ensuring it fits your style of play.
Guided Arena Match – We will explain the roles of each of your axies in the match at hand, the style of play you need to implement & point out ways which you can outplay your opponent.
Once the match has ended, the coach will point out any improvement/areas that require more focus, with regards to what was discussed in the prior replay analysis.
1 vs 1 against a top player – With the advice from the analysis of the arena match in mind, you will play a 1v1 against one of our top players.  You may ask advice from the coach when needed, but this exercise should be a chance for you to try and take what you have learnt and explain your thought processes/plays in a match against one of the best.
The coach will explain the matchup and the role of each of the players axies in the matchup, and how you should’ve tried to approach the game. We will then briefly go round by round and point out errors with regards to all the aforementioned areas & any specific plays that differ in reliability due to the matchup.
 Key Takeaways – We will provide you with 3 main areas to focus on moving forward, based upon everything learned throughout the training session. And a final opportunity to ask any further questions.

If you are interested in either of the above sessions, feel free to message Indes#0968 on discord to set a time!

If you have any further questions about the coaching sessions, or any of our practices/tournaments, don’t hesitate to stop by the discord server!

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