About 2 months ago we set out with a goal to make the perfect bird and I am proud to announce we have gone above and beyond what we had expected! This is truly a process showing you can rise up from the Axie slums up into the elite with good planning and patience!

Throughout the process I did feel as if we got a little bit lucky early on, but one of the tricks to breeding is look at the results over time. Some times you have a round that goes horribly wrong , other times you morph your eggs and cant believe how well things worked out! Over time  you generaly see the results continue to get better as your gene pool strengthens and there are more fitting options in the genetics.

As a quick recap  I will show you what Axie we started this project with.

Now take a look at a few of our magnificent creatures!!

Breeding is an art and it takes time to learn the best practices as well as what to expect from the RNG (random number generator) when an egg is morphed. For all you new breeders out there dont get frusterated it only takes one good breed to get your farm rolling! Keep plugging away and learn as you go. Remember its a marathon not a sprint!

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