So my journey began about 9 months ago while searching through Dlive for streamers. On the main page I see Lt Zonda playing some funny game with little internet monsters. After about 5 minutes in the stream I decide “This is it!”. At this point I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but I know I have been looking for a game like this for a while and I had crypto laying around doing nothing. BOOM I buy 2 arctic plots since buying land is always a good investment right? So now I have land…. Now what? Well I guess I go buy myself an Axie!

My first Axie!

So as you can see by first choice was nothing special but thats OK its part of the journey! So now that you have made your FOMO purchases lets take a step back and think about what the most efficient way could be to earn some returns on our investment!

Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself when starting Axie Infinity:
-What is your budget?
-Do you want to play/collect/invest/compete?

Once you have asked your self those questions there are a few ways to approach the game:

-Start small and casual slowly building up your farm through earning SLP and breeding. This route will take longer and you may have some difficulty at the start as your Axie may not be very strong. The initial grind can be a bit harder BUT the upside is you can learn ALOT for a very low price. Some players are able to get top 50 in an Arena season with a teamm that costs less then 20$.

-Start with some mid tier low breed Axies. This route will allow you to have better results in PvP and Pve and will also let you breed Axie that you can resell for larger profits. For around 0.5 ETH you can get yourself a decent breeding farm with some good battle Axie.

-The other route is to go big and buy very high quality Axie. If you take this route, do some research before you just start buying or have someone who has been around the scene help you with your purchases. offers a service where we will help you put together a portfolio from our stock and/or from options on the open market!

Now that you know a few of the ways you can start your Axie Infinity journey lets get into how you can make profit off this cutting edge blockchain game!

Routes to profit

Grinding SLP– The most obvious way to earn while playing Axie Infinity is playing the battle app. You have the choice to play PvE or PvP and winning matches will give you SLP (Small love potions). These SLP can be used to breed your Axie or sell on a platform such as . Currently 1 SLP is worth just under 0.01$. You can gain anywhere from 1-20 SLP for a win in PvE and between 3-9 SLP per win in PvP (The higher you are ranked the more SLP you can win in PvP). During Arena seasons you can also win random tokens after winning matches (Dai/Kyber Network) were the two tokens we were able to win so far.

Breeding– This is the most consistent way to make profits in Axie Infinity. As of now the costs to breed 2 virgin Axie together is 200 SLP (<2$)+0.003 ETH (0.50$) so about 2.50$ to produce and the Axie floor for a virgin Axie is currently 0.0235 (3.68$). This means that even if you breed a total fail of an Axie you can make nearly 68% profit! Another option is to breed your virgin 1 time and the floor for a 1/7 Axie is stil 0.016 ETH (2.50$) which means you have +/- 0 and another virgin Axie to decide what to do with. This route allows you to slowly grow your farm while keeping production costs very low.

That was breeding and selling floor Axie, but there is also a large market for Battle Axie. Regardless which route you started at some point weither from a lucky roll or due to a strong gene pool you should hit a nice Battle Axie that can be used effectively in the arena. If one of your breeds turns out to be a high quality battle Axie you have another decision to make. “Do I sell this for a premium as a virgin? Or do I breed this Axie to try and get more good Battle Axie as w ell as have this Axie to use in the app?). Everyones situation is different, but we believe it makes sense to breed that Axie one time see what the results from the egg are and then decide again if you want to sell or try to breed the good genes deeper into your gene pool!

The Gene Pool is your money maker so you need to take care of it and be up to date on what is good and what people want! A Battle Axie can sell anywhere from 0.05-over 1ETH if it is rare enough and someone really wants it as part of their farm.

Competetive play– Axie Infinity and along with other organisations hold regular events allowing players to play for prizes. Players can win Axie, ETH, Dai and many other tokens for placing in an event. There have already been almost 5,000$ worth of prizes given out to date in Axie events!
So if you like to compete and prove you are the best you can take home some decent Sats with good results.

Market Flippers– Axie Infinity has multiple live markets including; Axie market, Land market and Items market. These markets all fluctuate depending on the current state of the game. Once you have done some reasearch and are aware what the floors of these particular markets are you can start “Flipping”.

The Forrest land Floor is currently at 0.16 per plot. If you are aware of this and keep your eyes on the market and catch someone “Dumping” a forrest plot for cheaper you can buy it and repost it for the appropriate price (0.16+ ETH since that is the current floor.).

The value of land varies depending what it is touching. Nodes ( The pink shapes on the map), river and road plots go for a premium. Some players are also working towards having large connected estates and if you can find plots for sale you believe someone will pay a premium for you just found yourself a chance to make another quick flip!

Investing/Collecting– Most of the new players joining the Axie Infinity have come to play the game, but many of us have been here since before there was even a game to be played and is an investment more then a game for a fair amount of the community. Mystic Axie along with other rare Axie are worth more due to the fact they are hard capped. As with any investment scarcity is one of the main factors along with special use cases and upgrades within the game.

Land is also scarce and wont be produced ever again. There will still be more Land Sales eventually for the remining quadrants, but no official date or timeline is out in regards to when. So buying land early and for chest price or lower on the open market has been a sound investment for anyone who was early enough. Below I will show you the progression over the last few months

Prices during first chest sale

Savannah chest- 0.05 ETH

  • 1 Plot of Land in the Savannah Area
  • At least 2 Rare and 8 Common Items
  • Extremely low chance of Genesis Land

Forrest chest- 0.16 ETH

  • 1 Plot of Land in the Forest Area
  • At least 10 Rare Items
  • Very low chance of Genesis Land

Arctic Chest- 0.45 ETH

  • 1 Plot of land in the Arctic Area
  • At least 2 Epic, 3 Rare and 5 Common items
  • Low chance of Genesis land

Mystic Chest- 1.0 ETH

  • 1 Plot of Land in Mystic Area
  • At least 1 Mystic, 3 Rare or higher and 6 Common Items
  • Chance of Genesis Land

After many months of trading, these plots of land the current floors are

Savannah- 0.14 ETH

Forrest- 0.16 ETH

Arctic- 0.3 ETH

Mystic- 1.0 ETH

As you can see anyone who bought land early has gotten a nice return up untill this point. Savannahs have nearly trippled just for the plot of land not counting the items or cash back that you recieved when purchasing the chest! Arctics are the only chests that have not sold out yet so it makes sense you will be able to find the best margins if you are joining now.

If you look at the cost of the chests, according to Axie Infinity an arctic chest for 0.45 of land should have an ROI of around 3x that of a Forrest chest for 0.16. (It is still speculation, but we believe some sort of passive income or farming mechanic will be introduced for land play). This means you should be getting the same bang for your buck BUT arctics are cheap where all the other plots on the open market are at chest price or above!

Mystic and Origin Axie

Along with the early land sale there was also an initial Axie sale to get the eco system started. During this time you were able to purchase Axie and have a chance of it having Mystic parts. A mystic part will be able to be upgraded further than any normal parts and will hold special abilities when the game reaches its final stage. Each mystic part is extremely rare and some Axie even came out with 2-4 mystic parts making them true collectors items as well as potential GODS of Lunacia. When I joined Axie you could get a mystic Axie for under 1 ETH. I bought this guy for 0.85 ETH

Now about 7 months later check out the floor for Calico Zeal!

I hope this insight gives you a clearer picture of how the different aspects of Axie Infinity work and ways you can actively earn as well as gain value as the demand for Axie rise. There are multiple ways to “Stack Sats” in this amazing crypto game, but the true beauty of this game is its AMAZING community full of knowledge that can take anyones dreams to the next level!

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