The time has come for some more EPIC Axie competition! is happy to announce our Tournament of Champions! Over the next two months there will be qualifiers geared towards time zones around the world giving everyone a chance to take part in our biggest Axie competition yet! Each qualifier will be Swiss style and the top 2 players will have a chance to play in the finals for 2,000 LUNA as well as a Mystic Axie!

Qualifier Format
-Free entry
-64 players max
-Swiss style bracket
-Bo3 untill the final 2 players meet and battle it out for a Battle Axie from the Vault

Qualifier dates and sign up sheets
Q1- EU (04/04 18:00 GMT)

Q2- NA (19/04 1:00 am GMT)

Q3- Asia (09/05 11:00 am GMT)

Q4- EU( 30/05 13:00 GMT)

Finals- Saturday June 20th at 16:00 GMT

Finals Format
– Top 8
-Double elimination
-Winners bracket Bo5
-Losers bracket Bo3 untill Losers bracket finals (Bo5)

1st – 100 LUNA+Mystic Axie
2nd -600 LUNA
3rd – 400 LUNA
4th – 250 LUNA
5/6 -175 LUNA
7/8 -125 LUNA

As well as 50 LUNA and a team of Axies during the Finals stream!

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