For months we have wanted to do this, but the time just didn’t feel right. Now with the influx of new players we will hold our first official Beauty Pageant! For all the players out there who do not thrive in a competitive landscape or are more about aesthetics this is your chance!

The event will be free to enter and anyone may take part! The competition will take place on March 22nd 15:30 GMT and will be hosted by the beautiful JuustKaalin over on twitch featuring Enjoi and Chief as the panel of judges!

Event run down
– We will be doing 2 categories for the first event prettiest Axie and ugliest Axie. Each player may send 1 entry for each category.

– Anyone caught trying to double submit will be disqualified from all events so just don’t, please .

– The top 10 Axie from each category will be chosen by us before the stream. The winner of the final 10 Axie will be voted on by the judges and the viewers live on stream!

– All Axies entered into the competition MUST be named or they will not make the final 10!

– Each judges vote will be worth 20% and the viewers vote will be worth 40%.

We will have 50 LUNA to give away during the stream and will be doing some fun mini games with these beautiful creatures!

Prizes– These same prizes will be for each of the 2 categories

1st-175 LUNA
2nd-100 LUNA
3rd-75 LUNA

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