is working hard to breed the best Axie possible and one of our first projects is the perfect PvP bird. You may be asking yourself “What is the perfect bird?” Well this is what we at think the perfect bird looks like.

Why is this the perfect bird? Well, lets get into it!

-Having 59 speed, this monster will go first against anything but a Pure bird or a 5/6 bird with an aqua part. This means you will be able to attack first and get the card draw from Hare in 90% of your games, if not all. Card draw is only the start of what this Axie can do.

-The Little Owl mouth gives this Axie the ability to attack the fastest Axie on the other team, which often is the other player’s highest damage dealer. When you combine this with 3 of the strongest attacking moves in the game, the chances are minimal that the low HP, high-speed Axie of the opponent will survive the round.

– Now we move on to the real reason this Axie shines above any other bird in the game. Eggshell is a very strong, but risky move due to the “Aroma” debuff that activates on the user upon use. Aroma acts as an aggro and will draw all enemy attacks for the remainder of the turn. Being an extremely fast bird means we have low HP and any counter attack could wipe our bird out of the match. This is where the circle closes when you are able to use Pigeon Post to transfer the Aroma onto the other team’s Axie. This helps two-fold: First, the Aroma is no longer on your fragile bird, but on the other player’s Axie and, Second, if you did not finish the Axie with your assassination attempt, your other Axie will also be drawn to the enemy’s Aroma to finish the job!

Ok, so now we know what the perfect bird is, but how are we supposed to get one of our own? Well, I am going to show you how approaches the situation and how many generations it has taken us to get our own perfect bird!

Breed Process

-Decide for yourself what 2 classes of Axie (“Tier 1” class and “Tier 2” class) and 2 types of moves would be acceptable. As an example, for this breed project, a bird is the best version, but the same parts on an aqua would be acceptable. The 4 moves shown again below are the optimal set up:

-Little Owl (mouth)
-Egg Shell (horn)
-Pigeon post (back)
-Hare (tail)

The following moves would also be acceptable and would make for a great Axie:

-Toothless Bite (Mouth)
-High damage bird or aqua part (e.g. Kestral is a nice replacement (horn))
-High damage bird or aqua part (e.g. KingFisher is a nice replacment (back))
-Swallow in many cases could even be considered better then Hare (tail)

Now time to start breeding for the parts on your desired Axie. Do this by breeding low-breed Axie (2 or less breeds) that have 3 or more of the desired parts or including at least one that has the correct class. Recessive genes also play a HUGE role in breeding. Having the chance to hit optimal parts even if its small is certainly worth it. Try and take advantage of the recessive genes!

– After a few breeds, you should start seeing newborn Axie who have 3, or possibly even 4, of the desired parts. Not to mention, Axie who also have the correct class! Now you can start trying to breed these Axie together!

-Throughout your breeding process you will often get Axie that are not a complete hit, but become great breeding material to continue the process. Use these low-breed Axie for continued attempts, and if the results aren’t good enough you can even think about selling them after using 2 breeds to help pay for SLP for upcoming breeds.

-Stick to the process! Breeding takes patience and sometimes even if you do everything right, you will not be happy with the results!

– If you hatched an Axie that has 90% of what you are trying to get, it may be a good idea “not breed” that Axie until you have a suitable partner. As an example, the Axie below has 3 of the 4 parts we are trying to target with an acceptable back (Raven) as an aqua. This Axie just needs a bird Axie with pigeon post and acceptable moves on the other spots and we have ourselves a very nice pairing to reach our final form.

-You then continue the steps above to get an acceptable partner so you can enter the end game of breeding.

-For the end game breeds, it has to be possible to get all 4 battle parts, as well as acceptable eyes and ears, along with one of your preferred classes. If you have 1 Axie that meets the criteria make sure to wait for another as you only get a few chances to hit your desired Axie!

Below I will post the stages of our project so you can see the progression and how over time, if you make good decisions how it can balance out the RNG factor in breeding.

Generation 1
I went ahead and found a MEO Axie which I could breed for free with pigeon post and was even able to find an Aqua with little owl and some nice attacking moves to go with it. As you can see one of the Axie was just to put a chance of getting a bird into the mix. I decided to focus on getting little owl because with the backdoor capability any good attacking moves will make for a decent Axie.

Generation 2
We have finished the first generation of breeds and had some GREAT results. Now, we must take these new pieces to the puzzle and think about the best Axie to combine them with to try to keep important parts, and if possible, work towards your desired classes. Below, I will show you an example of the breeding calculator and a pairing we used. Keep reading and we will show you the results!

Taking a closer look at the picture above, lets go through each part one at a time.

Both Axie are Aquas, so we have a 100% chance to get an Aqua, which was our Tier 2 choice for body types.

Eyes- 37.5% to get Aqua eyes the rest is pretty bad.

Ears- Again only 37.5% for Aqua eyes and the rest is sub optimal.

Mouth- Here we see a 75% chance to get either Little Owl or Toothless Bite which if you remember from above are our Tier 1 and Tier 2 choices for mouths.

Horn- Really all of the horns would be acceptable besides rose bud which only had a 3.125% to come through. Cerastes does extra damage if the enemy is faster and Little Owl targest the other teams fastest Axie so there is a good chance you can get the bonus damage. Cactus is just a strong attack over all and would not be optimal but totally acceptable. Both the bird Horns would be great and what we are hoping for.

Tail- with over a 40% chance for Hare which is our tier 1 option and a decent Aqua tail as the other dominant trait we are feeling pretty safe about at least getting one of these parts.

So over all after looking at the breeding calculator I would say we have some pretty good chances at getting an Axie that will get us closer to our end game breed! Below we have our Gen 2 breeding pool comprised of babies from generation 1 as well as some Axie that we had waiting for a better breeding partner which we got out of generation 1!

First I will show you the results from our 2nd generation take a look they turned out AMAZING!

As you can see above we are getting much closer to our end game breed, we even have a candidate for a final breed as we showed earlier! So what we decided to do was put aside the best of the 3 breeds and use the other 2 which you see in the bottom half of the picture to work on getting a suitable partner for there Gen. 3 brother.

I felt it was time to get some more bird genes in the mix and had one with the missing part being pigeon post. As you can see below the chances to get 4 acceptable battle parts as well as Aqua or Bird are quiet high!

Again here are the results of our 3rd generation breeds and again we can be very happy with the results! As you can see we are having a tren. We have not hit the perfect Axie yet but we keep getting very usable pieces to the puzzle that we can use to bring in the missing pieces!

So we have arrived at Generation #4 and we are consistently hitting 3/4 battle parts on aquas and birds and the eyes and ears are also acceptable as most have Aqua eyes and ears. Now the last step we need is to get pigeon post on one of these Axie and we will have our end game breeder to go with our above mentioned breed from Generation 3 above.

One of’s guild perks is that we pool together resources to reach specific breeds. As I was breeding for my perfect bird our Guild Breed master Chaz is a step faster then me and he has already reached the End game breed! So now I must take the final steps to get pigeon post on my breed and we will be able to combine our perfect birds to try and produce multiple gods of the arena! We will update this article once we reach our goal!

Here are some tools you can use to help you breed and get the best out of the RNG built into the breeding system along with other great Axie Infinity tools to make everything easier! Thank you Ex-Human for putting together this compilation of links!

Multiple tools to help new players!


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