I’m DaBoZz’s Son!” was an absolute all-star in the Fight Night #1 qualifier tournament. This fierce Axie lead the charge for @DaBoZz taking him all the way through to the finals. There, he met up with YCB, fresh off a 1st place finish and on a massive unbeaten streak. The double-nut Axie was too much for YCB to handle, and with a score of 3-1, “DaBoZz’s Son” has locked down his Daddy’s spot as the 4th Fight Night finalist.

“I’m DaBoZz’s Son!” is a unique Axie; it can create massive damage output with its 3 primary attacks while leveraging Tri Spikes to evade the main defender.

These 3 high-damage moves are some of the strongest in the game and represent all three parts of the “Species Advantage Triangle”

Nut Cracker (Beast Mouth & Tail)– Nut Cracker cards do extra damage if you play more then one of them at a time. Beast moves are extremely strong against Plant Axie which most players use as there main defender. Nut Cracker is a “tank buster” – the species advantage against Plant Axies, combined with the “pair” bonus, can reach over 180 damage each.

Tri Spikes (Reptile Back): One of the strongest moves for targeting your opponent’s defenseless Axies and bypasses the tank. 100 base damage is solid, and this attack will usually get a species bonus by attacking back-line Birds and Aquatic Axies. This opens up an entirely new line of play, and merely the threat of Tri Spikes is sufficient to alter the opponent’s behavior.

Eggshell (Bird Horn): 150 damage is the highest attack of any Horn move, and only just below The Last One & Peace Maker which hit for 160. Against a Beast or Bug Axie, the Species Bonus from Eggshell brings the damage up to 180+.

It is currently the only card that creates the “Aroma” effect, forcing the opponent to bypass your defender whenever you wish. We like to call this ability to “pull” attacks off of your front line, “Defender’s Day Off”, and it can really catch an opponent off-guard!

DaBoZz used Eggshell to erase an enemy Axie, absorb a turn full of damage away from his Defender while saving up cards. This works even better when combined with a heal like Strawberry Shortcake and Silence Whisper. Just remember that any Axie faster than yours will attack the defender; Aroma doesn’t apply until Eggshell actually “attacks”.

All 4 of these moves have above-average combined attack and defense stats, and the Aquatic species makes it tough enough to withstand a sequence of powerful attacks.

The Eggshell + Tri Spike combo brings a level of flexibility very few Axie can bring to the battle field. This combo will generally put DaboZz ahead for one of two reasons.

1.) DaBoZz uses a 4 card combo and attacks the enemy with the lowest shield which usually ends in that Axie being utterly obliterated thanks to flexible Species advantage based on opposing Axie types. It gets even worse for the opponent if DaboZz’s Axie attacks first in the round; the opponent wastes even more energy this way.

2.) If his defender’s health is low and/or does not have enough cards to survive the round, DaboZz has the option to use “Aroma” which in turn gives DaboZz an extra round to collect and save cards. High HP from the Aquatic species combined with the above-average Defense on these attack moves means it takes at minimum 600 HP to bring this Axie down from full health & shields.

So as you can see, this is a truly elite battler; it gives DaboZz loads of flexibility and brings far more raw firepower to the battle than most Axie.

We’re excited to see how future opponents adjust to this Axie and what counter-Axie are brought into future matches against DaBoZz. It will be interesting to see how he and his “Son” perform in the final event, where all the other players will be prepared & ready!

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