The first Fight Night event is right around the corner on February 22nd at 17:00 GMT it will be time for the action to begin! The winner of our qualifier “DaBoZz” will face off against some of the top players in the scene who have impressed during the early phases of the game!

Our goal is to give some of the top players a platform to try out their best strategies and to give the viewers an educational stream to sit back and learn more about their favorite internet monsters. The event will be a highly competitive “Round Robin” where each player will match up in a Bo5. This means the first player to win 3 games has won that match. Each game will count towards the final score, so there will be no meaningless games played!

We will introduce an Axie pool, as well as a banning system, to bring another dimension of eSports to Axie Infinity. To make the banning even more interesting, we are allowing each player to pick a “champion” and this Axie cannot be banned in the competition.

Axie pool-
Each player will be allowed to bring 10 Axie to the event. This forces them to choose specific Axie they believe can carry them to victory. Once the matches start, this will be there line up and they may use them in any combination they choose

Banning system-
Before each Bo5, each player may ban one of the 10 Axie from their opponent (not including their opponents champion – of course). This ban is used to try and shift a specific match up in your favor or to take out an Axie you don’t want to try to over come in the Arena.

Now that you know how the event will work lets take a look at our competitors! From all parts of the world and all walks of life, we have brought together some of the most talented Axie Infinity players in the world for your viewing enjoyment!

First off we have the winner of our Fight Night qualifier DaboZz! After battling through a tough bracket and beating YCB in the finals with some extremely strategic decisions in between games he came out with the 3-1 victory. DaboZz is a buisy man, but in the evenings he wreaks havoc on opponents in the Arena.

DaboZz will be bringing two very special Axie into the competition. First off he will have his MVP Axie “I am DaboZz’s son!” who carried him through the qualifier with its insane damage out put along side the ability to target the defender with the lowest shield. Along side this terror he will have a new recruit (name) which he won through the qualifier on top of the chance to compete in the final.

Top Axie- “I am DaBoZz’s son!”
Bottom Axie-

Our next player is Fuzzy Token. Renowned as one of the top Arena players in the game and a finalist in the first Infinity cup loosing to BlackChocobo in the finals. Coming in as one of the favorites Fuzzy Token brings with him as much play time as any other contestant and an amazing farm of internet monsters to choose from.

Fuzzy Token has decided to bring is high speed, backdoor terror “Black Flash”. Being equipped with one of the best combos in the game Little owl and Swallow as well as having the maximum speed possible. This Axie acts first and has the fire power to destroy any back liner unlucky enough to be caught in its fury!

Black Flash

The next contestant similar to Fuzzy is a top tier Arena battler and has spent most of his time in the top 5. AK is one of the games strongest breeders and battlers regardless of what format has been put in front of him. Having a solid run in the Infinity cup reaching top 8 (check this) and then winning the MVP award in RC Techs league, AK has shown he is battle tested and ready for the challenge!

After the first two players went for more of a quick striking champion with the ability to target certain Axie AK has gone another route. Bringing an EXTREMELY strong end boss Axie into the competition meant to use excess energy and cards towards the end of the game to annihilate the opponents team. Megaburned is a handful and if you don’t take him out early it could be a disaster late game even if you have more Axie on the field!

AK about his Champion “Megaburned”
” I lost to Megaberry who had a slightly higher HP version of this exact Axie in the infinity cup. Since then I have loved playing him, he’s a monster and this guy has been named after that incident: Megaburned ”


Our final contestant comes from the upper echelons of some of the biggest card games in the world. Janos was a number 1 Hearthstone player in the world for many season and has now even reached 2nd on the global ladder for Rune Terra! This young man brings with him some of the most refined skills a person can have in regards to card games and mechanics. Now this young talent wants to try his hand at something new and will bring a world champions mentality to our first Fight Night event!

Janos has decided to go yet another route and has brought a high damage, high utility champion with him to this Fight Night final. “Buller” who received his name from a friend who was watching Janos play during the Infinity Cup is wielding the ever fearsome “Rimp” combo. If that was not enough his “Nimo” tail allows for an easy trigger for his “Ronin” combo and an extra energy to boot!


The event will be streamed live make sure to not miss the action!

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