What do you think the best healing mouth is? 

Zig Zag, Mosquito, and Catfish all have their place in the game, but which one is truly elite and why? I am going to tell you what I think in the following article.

All 3 of these options are above average for a defender or a late game Axie, but they all have their own pros and cons.
First, let’s take a look at there basic statistical rankings;

Zig Zag 50/80
Mosquito 80/50
Catfish 100/20

What makes these mouths special is their ability to heal your Axie, while doing damage to your opponent. The fact that your Axie will heal for the same amount as the damage you deal is where this gets interesting. With Catfish having such high damage (hence very high healing), it gives you the ability to heal up the extra damage you took… as long as you survived the onslaught. As you can see, the first two options are the more defensive options. Catfish is an above average attacking mouth, but lacks in the defense department. 

Zig Zag (Plant = +3 Hp/+1 Morale)

For a pure defender, this is definitely the way to go. With most defenders being fairly slow, you will need to survive until late in the round to even get your attack off. With Zig Zag being a plant move, it gives the Axie +3Hp/+1Morale for its base stats. The added hit points support my opinion that this is the best self healing mouth a tank can be equipped with.

Mosquito (Bug = +3 Morale/+1 HP)

From the 3 options, Mosquito is the most well-rounded and can be used effectively in the most situations. A defender still gets some extra HP from having the bug move and with 80 base damage, the healing is substantially more than the 50 from Zig Zag. It also includes a sturdy ranking of 50 defense to add to the increased life gain — Mosquito truly is an elite move!

Catfish (Aqua = +3 Speed/+1 HP)

The least balanced of the 3 — Catfish hits like a truck and has the potential to heal back a large amount of life in a huge strike. Bruiser Axies, who bring some other balanced moves such as Tiny Dino, Teal Shell, or Bone Sail, can really be a handful in the late game. The added speed can also come in huge late game, when you are in the 1v1 duel to decide it all!

These are not the only 3 mouths that have the self heal ability. Razor Bite and Herbivore are also A Tier substitutes that can be very effective in the arena. With these 2 options, only healing when attacking a specific type of Axie, it makes the moves much less flexible and not as good in situations where you do not plan for your opponent (Arena Battles).

As a new player looking to purchase Axie any of the 3 mentioned mouths will be a nice addition to your battle team and farm. As you gather together your little army of internet monsters and learn how everything works, you will start seeing combinations you want and can start breeding for more specific move sets. If you have questions about breeding or anything Axie related, please let us know!

Move Rankings (Top Tier)

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