Dubbed the “Rimp” combo, by a community vote started by Zakke, Imp+Ronin is an extremely strong and efficient weapon to have in your arsenal. In this article, I will talk about some ways to use the combo as what parts can add to the devastation.

Ivory Stab (Imp) – Allows the user to gain +1 energy every time they hit a critical strike in this round of battle with any Axie.

Single Combat (Ronin) – Allows the user to get an automatic critical strike, if that Axie plays at least 3 cards this turn.

Zakkes perfect “Rimp” 2x nut Axie!

Gameplay Analysis

This combo is used in most cases to deal out large amounts of damage and gain energy while doing so. To do this, the player will generally have to play passively to save up energy. This means when playing against this combo, there should be a window in the early game where you should be able to play a bit more aggressive and try and pull out a lead before your opponent is able to unload his combo.

How to use Rimp

First and foremost, this combo will work best on a Beast type Axie, with a high Morale score. High morale is the main indicator in calculating if your Axie will get a critical strike or not. There are also some other factors, including speed, in which the faster Axie will have a higher chance of landing a critical strike.

We have spoken about the basic combo and how it works in a normal situation. Now, lets talk about how to upgrade the combo, so it becomes more flexible and not an all or nothing combo that ends up allowing RNG to have to much impact on the game.

Using 0 cost moves brings great synergy to both parts of the Rimp combo. They allow you to trigger the single combat effect, which in turn, gains you an energy as well as giving you a 0 cost move that has a chance to get a critical strike as well.

When using your Rimp team, there is one move you need to be extra careful when you play against it. Hermit is the single card counter to completely shutting down a Rimp team. When playing against an opponent with Hermit, you must play the situation similar to how you would against poison. Wait for the opposing player to play hermit, in preparation for your combo and use the combo in the next turn. This small mind game within a match is crucial to the outcome and generally whoever wins this exchange, will have a large lead for the rest of the battle.

A few things to keep in mind when building a Rimp team
– Overall damage in your team
Too many 0 cost moves may hinder you from being able to take out an enemies Axie in one blast.

– Card draw
Gaining a bunch of energy is not very useful, if you dont have the cards to use it on.

Here are a list of other moves that go really well with the ‘Rimp’ combo on an Axie, as well as moves that do well in combination with ‘Ivory Stab/Imp’.

*Any of the moves that are good on the same Axie will in turn also be solid on an ally Axie, if played in combo with Ivory Stab. The only exception is Nut Cracker, which is a great combo with Single Combat (as you are getting multiple multipliers).

On Same Axie
– Nimo
– Cotton Tail
– Twin Tail
– Mite Bite
– Pincer
– Nut Cracker (mouth or tail)

On Ally Axie
(for higher chance of getting a critical strike to gain more energy)
– Hero
– Anemone (horn or back)
– Juggling Balls
– Balloon
– Cuckoo
– Venom Spray

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