While observing the first few weeks after the Axie Infinity App launch, there were lots of players who stood out and caught my eye. It has become clear that there is an upper echelon of players, currently dominating the Arena. Furthermore, there have also been a few players that have shown some great potential and showed their face in the Top 10. One of these players is DaKuan, who seemed to have woken up one day with the need to be #1 on the leader board. Out of nowhere, DaKuan elevated up the leaderboards and took the number 1 spot from Fuzzy Token, who had been DOMINATING since day one. After seeing this, I decided to reach out to DaKuan and ask about his journey through Axie, to the top of the Arena leaderboard!

*Note: Chief’s questions are in bold. DaKuan’s responses are in quotes.

Tell me about the Infinity Cup and how your matches went?

“I was expecting some kind of tournament after release of Alpha and spent few ETH for buys and breeding. My rival was What The Yak, he played during closed alpha. All my teams were based on Imp + Ronin combo and his team consisted of three almost identical tanks: Yam, Hermit plus heal. The battles were long and exhausting, he blocked most of my crits and killed my axies with poison. As a result i have lost at the first stage of the Infinity Cup.”

When did you join Axie?

“I am in Axie Infinity since the first Axie sale and even rolled double mystic then. I almost don’t play computer games, they rarely carry me away for more than 3 days. But Axie Infinity is very addictive! Especially the new gameplay, it is exactly the type of games i like, i played Hearthstone earlier. So i am really excited about direction where Axie Infinity is evolving.”

I would love to hear about your journey to the top of the leader board. How did that feel?

“As for my path to the top of the leaderboard. Before Infinity Cup i was breeding a typical team: one tank and two damage dealers. But then i have realized three things: beast Ronin Imps (Rimps) are too fragile for many matches, back row should have more defense and tanks could deal damage too. All of it is presented in my team. Aqua Rimp has more HP and is quicker than beast and it has strong Lam mouth for late game. Plant axie in the back row has high damage moves and still can survive many attacks. I don’t have many 0 cost or energy stealing moves but really strong tank in the first row allows me to save energy points for 3 moves combos.” 

Would u try to play at an eSports level, if there was an opportunity for it?

“This game still has small and cozy community and not many people know about it so i never thought about eSport level of Axie. But who knows how far could it go!”

DaKuan’s Team

We appreciate the great insight about the game and your thinking  process— setting up your teams for Arena, as well as your tough match up against What The Yak. This game can take  “Deck building” to the next level with the added difficulty and fun of being able to try to breed the PERFECT battler for yourself. DaKuan was one of many older members of the community, who was revitalized with the release of this new, cutting-edge app, where he can finally use all of his coveted internet monsters!

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