Our goal at Axie.gg is to take NFT gaming to the next level and we believe Axie Infinity is going to be the game that leads us all into a brighter future of gaming!

Crypto gaming is not an easy task for everyone which is why we will be focusing on the following as phase one of our plan!

-Ease the onboarding process

-Provide pre made teams for all price classes

-Provide educational content to guide new and experienced players through there journey

-Ranking based marketplace to ease players minds when purchasing or selling there assets

-Educating the community through eSports events and high level commentary

This is the just the beginning and there is no community or group of people we would more gladly have by our sides while taking on this multi faucited project. We all love Internet monsters and now is the time to share that passion with people around you and we will help them fall in love with there own internet monsters!

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